About Us

Happiily helps employees track their happiness at work, and helps managers understand how their actions impact their employees.

Happiily's helpfulness increases the more times it's used and the more people inside a company use it. It's free for individuals to use to track their own happiness. We provide businesses tools to understand the aggregate mood of the company, so managers can understand how the actions they take impact employee performance.

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We are committed to serving people first. What this means is that we are attempting to build a trusted relationship with the people that share their thoughts and feelings about their workplace through Happiily. We want to be able to act as a trusted intermediary between employee and employer so as to make what's shared through Happiily get heard in a way that doesn't "out" our users, or create unwanted tension or discomfort in the workplace.

Employers never know the identity of their employees using Happiily. The data we provide employers is an anonymous, aggregated view of how employees are feeling, and we only provide this data when enough employees are using Happiily so as to safely create an aggregated dataset. If you have questions or concerns about our anonymity or privacy policy, please contact us.

Contact Us?

Feel free to email us at happiily@happiily.com, we would love to start a conversation.