Are you happy with your work? Your team? Your boss? Your company?

Happiily is designed to increase your happiness with your work life.

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Track your mood

This score is combined with your colleagues' scores to establish an overall company score.

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Advanced Stats

Our graphs will show you the mood of the company & yours over the week, month and even year.

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Your identity is protected

We keep your identity hidden from everyone.

What you "shout" and what you answer is anonymous.


Your feelings get heard

With the safety of anonymity, you're free to share how you really feel.


You become happier

You learn what's making you both happier and less happy at work.

We give you the tools to make changes.


"Fine" doesn't fix anything!

Our goal is to help you keep track of what makes you happy and unhappy during your workday. We believe that by sharing how you really feel, when you're feeling it, we can help improve your work life. Don't worry. What you share is anonymous. Your identity will never be revealed.

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