How is my identity protected?

Everything you do through Happiily is anonymous.

When you answer questions and write "shouts", your overall mood score is recorded.

Your mood score is anonymously aggregated with everyone else in your company to form an overall company mood.

You will see how your mood compares against the overall company mood.

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If this doesn't answer your question or still have concerns, please tweet us at @gethappiily or email us at happiily@happiily.com.

How does what I do through Happiily make a difference?

We believe emptying whatever is in your head and heart is good housekeeping for the soul.

We're here to listen and to help you see what we're seeing as we get to know you and your company more.

By regularly using Happiily, we will allow you to keep track of the moments that made you both happier and unhappier so that you can pinpoint the issues that are impacting you both positively and negatively.

By sharing what you're feeling through the "Shout Box" what you say is seen by all your colleagues who use Happiily.

Enlightened employers know that they need tools that facilitate more honest, direct and useful feedback and we hope Happiily is one of those tools that will be trusted to help facilitate this feedback.

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It's still very early days for us. We're planning on building functionality that will allow for us to facilitate anonymous conversations between you and your manager(s) but we're not there yet.

For now, we're working to earn your trust and be useful to you. So please tell talk to us openly, honestly and frankly. Either through via email at happiily@happiily.com or via twitter @gethappiily.