Are you happy with your work? Your team? Your boss? Your company?

Happiily is designed to increase your happiness with your work life.

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Track your mood

We keep an eye on your mood and display it in a user friendly way.

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Advanced Stats

Our graphs will show you the mood of the company & yours over the week, month and even year.

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Real-time feedback

See employee engagement shift in real-time and pinpoint the key issues affecting happiness.

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Enhance Candor

Our secure, anonymous tool creates a trusted environment where employees can express themselves candidly.

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Anonymous Follow-up

Anonymous 1:1 feedback sessions with employees who are less happy than their peers help identify and resolve problems.

Our goal is to help you quickly uncover the issues that are affecting your team's performance.  By inviting your team members into happiily, they are free to anonymously and securely share their sentiment across four key areas of their working day:  The work they do, the person they work for, the people they work with and the company they work for.

Their inputs into happiily are anonymously aggregated to create a dashboard view of your team's happiness across these key areas that impact their performance. With just a glance of your dashboard, you'll know exactly what issues are affecting your team and be able to react at a speed never before possible.

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